Ambur® Ps4 Console Designer Protective Vinyl Skin Decal Cover for Sony Playstation 4 & Remote Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller Stickers – Stark Winter is Coming Game of Thrones

Kindly Note:

Kindly Note:

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Package Contains
– One(1) PS4 Whole Body console sticker (the top and the bottom part)
– Two(2) PS4 Controller Skin(Sticker)
– Two(2) Light Bar Stickers for controllers
– Actual controller not included.

Tips: We strongly suggest that before you applying the sticker on the device, please try to heating the sticker with hairdryer to soften it, so that the stickiness will be strengthened.


Question: are the logos cut out?
Answer: No, there isn’t, the vinyl goes right over the logos. but it looks great on PS4

Question: Will the touch pad still work despite the fact that the sticker is on?
Answer: The touch pad will work well, the sticker may not have an effect on the function of the console.

Question: Does this cover both sides if you stand the playstation up or is only for the top
Answer: It covers both sides

Question: Does it rip when one tries to take it off or stain the ps4?
Answer: No it’s hard to rip unless you cut it the mistaken way were it would rip. in short it’s a tough sticker to rip which is also made out of strong material.

Question: How do you cut the controller pieces out?
Answer: It’s already cut out for you all it’s a must to do is paste it on

Question: Will it cause over heating?
Answer: No, the air vents are on the back and on the sides. The Vinyl only covers the top and bottom of the PS4.
It is a Top of the range puduct Manufactured by Ambur. If you purchase this from a seller other than Ambur.,you are purchasing a counterfeit item and we cannot guarantee the quality of the materials or accuracy of the design.
EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE, leaves no sticky residue, will not damage surfaces. Top of the range material. Extremely thin, lightweight, durable.
PRECISE CUTOUTS, the use of excellent printing technique, bright, vivid color and graphics, self-adhesive
Comes with 1 PS4 Whole Body console sticker (the top and the bottom part)+ 2 controller skin + 2 Light Bar Stickers for controllers.